3 Ways to Put Your Carpentry Skills to Good Use

Ever since you were a kid, you enjoyed woodworking. In addition to performing repairs and alterations on your parents’ wooden furnishings, you exhibited a knack for building furniture of your own at a young age. After honing your skills in that area, you soon branched out into cabinetmaking. By the time you reached young adulthood, your interests expanded into home construction. When it comes to carpentry, there’s no question that you’re a jack of all trades. Unfortunately, ever since settling into the daily grind of the nine-to-five world, you haven’t had many opportunities to show off your enviableskills. If you’re eager to find convenient outlets for your love of carpentry, consider the following options.

Become a Carpenter by Trade

If you’re tired of spending your days on crowded sales floor in a cramped cubicle, why not earn your livelihood doing what you love? Even with the job market in a state of recovery, experienced carpenters should have no problem finding gainful employment. With many carpenters earning up to $28 an hour – or $58, 820 annually – carpentry is the perfect profession with which to support yourself and your loved ones.

Montana residents with a knack for carpentry should pay a visit to www.letsbuildmontana.com/carpenter/. Offering an extensive range of training programs and employment opportunities to up and coming carpenters and construction aficionados, the Montana Contractors Association is the Big Sky State’s foremost authority on carpentry and construction jobs.

Go into Business for Yourself

Carpentry experts who are also budding entrepreneurs should consider going into business for themselves. Starting a home repair or renovation enterprise is a great way to put your skills to good use and fatten your bank account in the process. If you don’t feel like quitting your current job, you can turn this enterprise into a side business by limiting your hours of operation, as well as the number of clients you accept.

Create and Sell Your Own Products

If your true passion is furniture-building or cabinetmaking, there’s no reason you can’t profit from it. Building assorted pieces of furniture and cabinetry at your leisure and selling your creations online will provide you with a very profitable creative outlet. If sales are good enough, you may even be able to turn this enjoyable venture into your fulltime profession.

Although emerging technologies have rendered a number of skills obsolete, there will always be a demand for skilled carpenters. That being the case, there’s no sense in allowing such a specialized skill set to go to waste. Whether you want to utilize your expertise to make a living or occupy your leisure time, your options are far from limited.