Best Tips for Granite Countertops

Granite countertops still are popular, even though the interior design industry is trying to wean consumers from it. Granite just has that luxurious look that homeowners crave. Here are some tips to get the best results with granite:

  • Select the proper stone. Do not just buy from samples. You are going to be buying a specific slab of granite that will have its own, unique characteristics. You may also be able to buy two or even more slabs from the same lot to keep them looking consistent.
  • Know about thickness. Not all slabs of granite are the same thickness. You should expect to pay out more for one that is three inches thick as opposed to one inch thick. Make the right choice for your kitchen as you consider the cost to replace granite countertops with a new look.
  • Request the fewest seams. If you are doing your kitchen, you want a minimum number of seams so that the flow is as uninterrupted as possible. Ask your contractor if any of the job can be done with no seams.
  • Take care of it. Granite resists heat to some degree and is simple to clean. But note that it may crack, chip and stain.

Just remember these simple concepts and you will have a beautiful granite countertop for years!