Choose Innovative Air for the best contractor of your AC

The AC (air conditioner) is equipment that having ability to turn air in low or high temperature. To avoid the broken of AC, we need to take care of it so AC will be doing the functions smoothly. But if AC of yours has been broken, and you need something new and best one, i would love to let you know about site.

The site is for Innovative Air company who moves as an AC contractor in Henderson, NV.This company serves services in repair , maintenance, and installation of AC.The experienced team will be helping your AC matters in Henderson, Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Summerlin, Sunrise Manor, North Vegas, Enterprise, Sloan, Anthem Hills Park Nevada. If you find some problems, our customer service will be kindly to guide you to have the best solutions by pressing 1 after make a call to (702) 763-8050. The clients who Innovative Air used to handle is Commercial and Residential. The company is fully aware that clients are not able to walk alone to maintain the equipments, in this case is AC. Therefore, Innovative Air offers service to help clients more in maintaining their AC. The service is named as Maintenance Plans which helps you saving some money in maintaining the AC. There are several maintenance plans that be offered by Innovative Air company. Those are Basic Care plans which periodically changing air filter of AC and giving you infos about the recent condition of AC of yours, the second plans is Gold Care plans which contains several plans like every six months cleaning coils and many more in this second plans, the third plan is Platinum Care plans which contains the points of Basic and Gold Care plus some points more like replacing air refreshener every three months.

The questions from clients is Innovative Air’s pleasure to answer,that is why the company has the idea to give clients some spaces to ask away by making Contact Us fitur.Just fill the form out and the staff will reply the questions so soon.Let Innovative Air handle your AC matter and say goodbye for all the uncomfortable caused AC heating.