Choosing a New Bedroom Set

Are you contemplating getting a new mattress? You are in luck. There are some fabulous choices out there right now. But which is best, and how do you tell which is best for you? Getting the latest most modernized bed set might make sense, but that depends entirely upon you. Do you have a bad back? You might not want to buy a too soft OR too firm mattress. A too soft mattress that you sink into could cause you to sink into the mattress, and cause aches and even numbness. A too firm mattress won’t support your body evenly and generate discomfort in your hips and shoulders. A medium firm mattress is generally best for those with bad backs.

What to do, how to really know which is right? A 15 minute test at your local mattress store is a great idea. Wear loose clothes, kick off your shoes, lay down and get comfortable. Lay down for a few minutes on your back, a few on your front, and a few on your side to see if it is comfortable and fits your needs. Make sure you lay down on the same side of the bed that you sleep on now, as you will most likely be sleeping on that side of the mattress should you fall in love with. Unless you really need a new box spring, if it is in good condition, isn’t creaking, ripped or worn and has no give, you may not need one. Ask a sales associate what they think.