Choosing Cabinets: 5 Things to Consider

If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, picking out new cabinets can seem daunting. The good news is choosing a cabinet style that makes sense for your kitchen is easy when you keep these five things in mind:

  1. While woods such as cherry, birch, maple, oak, mahogany and beech are all classic choices, consider using other readily available materials such as stainless steel, melamine or thermofoil.
  2. Cabinet door styles vary widely from traditional to ultra-modern. An important consideration is that simpler door styles are easier to clean while fancier styles with wood detailing, beading or raised panels are more difficult to clean – in addition to being more expensive.
  3. While there are many different options for mounting cabinets, overlay is the most common. With regular overlay, the door lays over the cabinet case allowing the face frame around the doors to be seen. Full overlay hides the cabinet case, fitting the cabinet doors together closely. Inset doors are a less common option, and are installed with the doors flush inside the frame.
  4. The great thing about wood cabinets is they can be left natural or can be stained. There are also a variety of decorative finishes available including glazing, crackling, distressing and more.It may seem counterintuitive, but lighter cabinets actually hide dirt better than darker ones. That can be an important consideration, depending on how often you want to clean your cabinets.
  5. Believe it or not, the hardware you choose has a significant impact on the overall look of your cabinets. Hardware can make your cabinets look more traditional, country or contemporary. On top of that, hardware is one of the easiest and least expensive things to change about your cabinets.

Considering these five items will help make choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen a breeze.