Getting the House Ready for the Market

Mary Lynn and I have decided that we are ready to start looking for a bigger place. We are planning to add one to the family and our first house is definitely on the small side. It is an easy place to take care of and we really like that, but we have started getting the house ready for the market. I did a few small things today. I took the orange county shutters down and made some minor repairs to them. It looks like they were hit a few times by rocks thrown by a lawn mower. It would be easy for a mower to hit the house with anything it spewed out, because the yard is probably only about 15 feet wide in the front. Mary Lynn and fixed it so that you barely need a mower. We planted a bunch of flower beds and a lot of liriope, or monkey grass, and also added a lot of new shrubs. We have a little bit of grass in the back, which is fenced in and we keep a little dog named Whitey back there. This place is really small, but so long as it is just the two of us it is perfect. In particular it was a house which we could afford quite easily. Mary Lynn loves it because she can ride her bike to her office from here. You can take the back roads to the park and then you have a riding trail which takes you right to her office. It can be done in about 20 minutes. In fact you can get there by bike in just a little bit more than a car could take you if the traffic was bad. It is a lot farther for me to get to my job however.