Make This Home Your Own

With the recent purchase of a new home under my belt, I’ve begun to feel as if I might actually have found a sense of accomplishment which has been missing from my life. Ever since I was a kid my parents have done nothing but encourage me to buy a home, pounding into me over and over again how important it is to have a place that I can call my own to give myself stability. So when the keys to that home were handed to me and the day that I could pick my Orange County blinds, I realized that I had finally made it.

The sensation you experience when you’ve reached a life long goal is beyond describable. I have never felt such joy in being able to make it my own; walking into the house that was going to be mine after years of renting and being restricted to what I was able to do or not do with those rental properties had gone on long enough. I can see now why my parents were always so eager to see me become a home owner as there is nothing quite like that experience of having your own house.

I don’t write this to rub it in the faces of those that don’t own their home but instead I write it in encouragement; if you’ve been saving for a house, continue to do so! You can own a home if you want it badly enough. A house is within your grasp just waiting to be sold to you, waiting for you to make it your own. You’ll be able to paint it how you want, decorate it how you want, live in it however you want. The house will be yours in every way that you can think of to make it yours.