Make Your Own Home Décor Video

1Do you love to decorate or renovate your own house? Many people like to do it themselves rather than hiring an interior designer to do the work for themselves. So, it is evident that you watch a lot of home décor videos and read a lot of such magazines to get more and better ideas. Today everyone is busy and they don’t have enough time to sit in front of the TV and wait for the show to come up. For the busy home décor enthusiasts today, Movavi has brought out a screen recorder for Windows.

Now, you can record the videos on your computer and even the ones that do not have the option of downloading them. You can come across such a video that you think might be helpful in future and you want your room that way. So, you can record the video using this application and watch it over and over again to get a better idea.

The Movavi program is very handy and extremely easy to use. Anyone can use it and you do not require having any previous knowledge to use it. Just go with the flow. What you have to do is download the file and install it in the computer by running the installation file. After all is done, open the folder and start using the program. Set the parameters for screen record and hit the REC button. This will start recording the video playing on the screen. When the video is over, you can again hit the REC button to stop the recording. If you want you can make more such videos and merge them all together using the edit tools that come along with the program and make a complete home décor movie.

You can play the video to check if you have captured it all right. If not, you can always edit or discard the video so made. The edit tool has many features that are very helpful.  After all is done, save the file in your preferred format or the one that will suit the device you want to play it in.