Mosquito Control: What You Can Do To Fight Back

The more time you spend outside, the more likely you are to become a meal for mosquitoes. These small flying pests live on the blood of humans and animals, and can quickly turn your landscape into an unpleasant location. Thankfully, there are things you can do to combat mosquitoes and take back your yard.

Be Proactive

One of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard is to turn it into a hostile environment that mosquitoes don’t like. While this may sound like a hard task, it is actually pretty simple and only requires little effort on your part. First, you must locate any container that is hosing stagnant water and dump it out. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on stagnant water, and they only need a little bit in order to reproduce. In fact, a 1/2-inch of water is more than enough for mosquito eggs to hatch to the larva turn into an adult. That is why you should regularly walk around your yard and dump out in containers that have collected water.

Another way to reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your yard is to make sure your landscape is well maintained with little to no clutter. This includes too many planters that can collect rainwater. You are merely giving the mosquitoes what they want. While surveying your property, look at all the items — such as old tires and bottles — and decide if you really need them or not. If you don’t need them, consider throwing them away or repurposing the item. For example, an old tire can be turned into a swing, and you can drill a hole in the bottom to let any excess water drain out. Clogged gutters are another area that is perfect for mosquitoes to breed and increase their army, so make sure they are draining freely once or twice a year.

Hire a Professional

There are times that despite your best efforts, you just cannot win with these tiny bloodsuckers. When that occurs, it’s time to look for a more effective mosquito repellent system such as those available from a professional pest company. These professionals have years of firsthand experience and training and know how to deal with the annoying insects. They are also able to obtain professional grade pesticides that are typically stronger and more potent then the products available to consumers. Pest control companies offer flexible scheduling and can treat your home on a regular basis or just once before a big event when mosquitoes could cause a disruption.