Moving in to the New House Today

We are only part of the way moved and things are not going that smoothly to tell the truth. We tried to do it in stages and get all of it done without much disruption, but my schedule was really messed up. I need to find some sort of catalog blinds and figure out how to get them to custom fit some blinds for the big window in the master bedroom. It faces the morning sun and I am working nights lately. So I have to sleep. This morning I had to get up and rig up something that kept the light out while I was sleeping. I got a comforter and hung it up. When Anna saw it she just looked at me like I had just gotten off the short bus, but I did not really care what any person thought about it. I needed to go back to sleep so I did the best that I could and then I laid back down.

At any rate this place is great for us. We had a bunch of very happy kids, because all three of them get their own rooms. Mike wants to sleep in the loft above the garage. That is not going to happen, but obviously he thinks that it would be almost like having his own place. Of course I am going to put my work shop in that room and I am going to put an office up there so that I will be able to hide from the kids when I really need to get stuff done. I am not sure that Anna is going to go along with that idea. It seems as though she had her own plans for that room and it probably involved her hiding from the kids too.