Not Sure Where to Start on This House

I could not really turn down the house at the price it was on offer for, but I am Not sure where to start on this house. It needs so much that it is a bit daunting to think about it all. Of course I did the math and I figure that I can live in it even if it is a bit of shambles to start off with. I know this guy who used to renovate kitchens in Geraardsbergen and I sort of tricked him in to coming by and looking at the place. Obviously I was looking for him to help me, but mostly I want to get him to tell me what he thought that I should do first. Most people would probably focus on the bathroom, because it looks like it was build before modern plumbing. The house is a good thirty five years old I think and it was not taken care of in the recent past.

The place apparently belonged to a person who died about three years ago and it sat vacant since then. As I understand it there were a number of heirs and they could not get along with one another. At least there was one of them who would not cooperate with the others, apparently out of pure spite. Obviously that is a foolish thing if you want to come out ahead, because it appears that the only persons who benefited from this nonsense was the lawyers. They probably ended up with all of the money from the inheritance, which apparently was not even all that much to fight over. If you just want to stick it in the other person’s eye I guess it does not matter if you lose a lot of money in the getting of your revenge.