Rugs from across the pond

I am sure that you have at least one rug in your house or apartment, and even if this is not the case I am sure that you at least know somebody who does. The reason for this is that rugs are extremely useful in all sorts of places including living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Without them, our houses and apartments would be boring and a lot less cozy than they are right now.

It is true that both Americans and British people love rugs. They might have slightly different opinions though what makes for a fine rug, but it is perfectly alright because everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I am sure that you also have some sort of taste when it comes to the rugs you would be willing to choose for your own living space.

When it comes to traditional rugs, they are generally the same the world over although homeowners in the USA are using a lot of BeniOurain rugs (Moroccan Style). You can see all the clear differences between the two if you check Rug Zone in the UK and Esales Rugs in the USA.

Now when it comes to transitional rugs, they are definitely an American innovation and you are a lot more likely to find them in the USA rather than in the UK. They are simply a mix of traditional and modern or traditional and animal skin.

I would also like to mention shaggy rugs, which are probably my favorite rugs out there. They are great for homes with kids and they are so easy to maintain. When it comes to shaggy rugs, the UK tend to use browns and beiges although some brighter greens and oranges are coming to the fore. USA have more diverse colors.

Finally, I am going to mention modern rugs. Again the USA seem to have more diversity in color (most of the brighter, innovative rugs offered by websites in the UK are from Europe rather than the UK itself).