Saving on All Expenses from Electricity to Phone Service Keeps Our Family Business Profitable

We started a business that grows vegetables in confined a space for our personal consumption and public sale using hydroponics and other growing methods. When we first started we grew food just for us. Then some local restaurants got interested in a variety of exotic pepper we grew and our business was started. However, being in competition with local food suppliers means we have to save where we can. We went to to get the lowest electricity rate we could. We save money wherever we can to keep our business model viable and profitable.

We make sure we serve a niche market by not growing things that are available at the local and regional food supply warehouse companies. Those are the places that supply the grocery stores and restaurants with food. We grow heirloom and specialty items that are very expensive to import. We make sure our products taste as good or better than the imported items. We are even expanding our sales by taking advantage of overnight shipping. However, this is not a business that is making us money had over fist. We have tight margins to stay profitable. My wife and I are supporting our family of four people two dogs and two cats with this business only because we make sure we do not spend more for things we need than we have to.

This includes every purchase and every monthly bill from our electricity to the garbage removal service. We stay on top of rate plans for everything from cell phone service to our rate we pay per kilowatt hour of electricity. We use a lot of electricity with our family business, and getting a good business rate plan at helps us stay in business. My wife and I like working from home on our own property. I don’t want to ever have to give that up.