Sealing Shower to Prevent Leaks

I am not really sure where the leak is, but somewhere around the shower, there is a leak that is allowing water to seep into the underlying wood structure, and drip down to basement, which is where the laundry room is located. I first noticed the problem a couple of weeks ago, but it appears to have been going on for awhile. I am looking into smart sealed shower repairs and I think that I will use this company to repair my shower.

I need to get the shower repaired soon, because I am worried about structural damage being done to the house, due to the water. I do not want the wood of the floor to rot, because that could pose a serious problem for my house. I am not even sure what it would take to repair the wood, if it does begin to rot in the bathroom. I just know that it would likely cost a lot of money, and that I am not really willing to take on those costs.

I hope that they will be able to figure out where the leak is, and do whatever it takes to seal the leak, so that water does not continue to seep into the floor. I am very worried about how long this has been going on. I imagine that they might be able to give me a clue as to how long this problem has been taking place, based on the extent of the damage, or something like that. I am going to keep my fingers crossed, and hope that I do not need any repairs to be done, outside of what is necessary to seal the shower, and to keep it from leaking going forward. I am glad that I discovered the problem when I did.