The Most Interesting Wall Mounted Fireplace I Have Ever Seen

In an apartment you pretty much get what is there as far as heating and cooling go. Sure, you can often put in a window air conditioning unit if a room is too hot in the summer. However, the winter months just leave you with space heaters as an option for those rooms that never seem to get warm enough. A homeowner might just change the furnace out. Living in apartments does not give you that choice. If you wanted a fireplace, you used to be out of luck. Not anymore! I got a wall mounted fireplace for my apartment that does not even require a gas line.

I’m not talking about one of those electric fireplaces either. They make fake flames, and the heat is nothing much more than a space heater heating element. These wall mounted fireplace options are different. They actually burn bio-ethanol (alcohol) fuel to create heat and a real fireplace experience. You can pretty much attach them anywhere where there are wall studs and enough clearance around them.

I put mine across from a sitting area on a section of wall that was not used for anything. There was enough clearance away from draperies, furniture and other things so the radiating heat would not be an issue. It sure is a conversation piece, and we naturally gather around it when it is on. It is like it is built into us to gather around the fire and talk. The warmth and dancing light of a fire are appealing. Now pretty much anyone can have a fireplace in their homes without needing to connect them to a chimney or flue or even a gas line. No wood is needed and there is no ashes to clean up. Just enjoy its clean burning look anytime. We use ours all the time.