Tips for Making Some Extra Cash as A Touring musician

Making money on the road is quite difficult no matter how you slice it. As being a touring musician can be really fun but it will also break the bank, and several bands break up not since the bass player is a selfish idiot, but because the money just isn’t there and there’s nothing they can do to get going after which there’s all the desperation and also the shattered dreams and you only wish you might have just filled that gas tank another time of the songs instead of going to massive debt. Therefore if you’re a touring musician you need to think of all the ways to get the most money of your stuff audience to help you survive. It’s not charity, it’s not begging, it’s making an honest living from doing what you want.

Have Good Exciting Merch

Sure, you require more than that, though you can have a CD, sure you can have a t- shirt. If all you have is a self-burned CD for $5, that’s only $5 you’re getting, instead of maybe $50 from a whole mess of stuff, some people will be ready to buy whatever you got, so. So if you print your own CD’s, it makes sense to buy a shrink wrapper coming from a place like so you can wrap the CD’s – that provides them a greater perceived value so you can sell them for $10 instead of $5. Just a couple of you’ve and CD’s already justified the purchase of the shrink wrapper. You also need to have beer koozies – that’s another item which can be made for cheap and sold for a good profit margin. Someone who just causally likes you will want a beer koozie, they can be held in a back pocket for just about any occasion.

You’ll also want to have buttons and stickers. These can get away but additionally sold for $1, on a case by case basis. All of this stuff could there be to make it therefore the merch table is appealing to the casual fan or listener. Whether they buy or otherwise, people coming over to the table is vital, and it helps bring up the value of everything in your table. You’ll want to consider to discover all the other stuff they sell there that you can use to make unique and good merchandise to sell on the road.

Music Video

Another important thing is a video – sure you will want people to share a link to your music, but more people is going to be inclined to share with you a video since we reside in the Facebook times where videos reign supreme. That’s the best way to get something out there whether you want to admit it or otherwise. So, share the video with the local music bloggers if you are in the need and road to obtain some buzz. Even one share cane get 10 new men and women to your show who will benefit from the music and acquire your stuff.

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