Tips for Testing a Mattress

Your mattress should be considered an investment, as its quality and level of comfort can drastically affect all areas of your life. A good night’s sleep can help you to feel more wakeful during the day, as it combats aches and pains associated with tossing and turning. Some are more expensive than others, but are worth it for a better night’s sleep guaranteed for the next several years. Testing a mattress can help ensure you are buying the right fit for your body type. Consider comparing a Personal Comfort Bed versus the Sleep Number Bed for more benefits, and take advantage of the testing period to discover the best fit for you.

Although you can get an immediate sense of how a mattress feels in a showroom, simply sitting or lying on one in the store cannot be an accurate judge of a quality of sleep. A test trial can help you to gently break the mattress in to see how it feels over time. Additionally, you’ll understand where the pressure points may be on the mattress and if you feel rested when you wake in the morning.

If you sleep with a partner, make sure they are feeling the same level of comfort as you. It’s important to be certain that you are both in agreement because if your partner isn’t sleeping well it can detract from your quality of sleep. You should feel comfortable, but also supported. The provided support should prevent you from feeling like you are falling into the bed, which can pull on your back as you sleep. When you awake in the mornings, you should feel rested and your body should be free from back or shoulder pain. As you test the mattress, you should be making notes of these feelings every morning to be certain you are choosing the best mattress.