Vehicles: Often Taken for Granted

It’s hard to imagine for people in other countries how dependent Americans and others are in the western world on vehicles. It’s hard for an American to imagine not getting around without the use of a vehicle. Americans and others are so dependent on vehicles that they have become a way of life—whether for work or play.

Traveling by vehicle is the most common way people get around in the western world; however, most people get around by foot in other countries. People need to commute to get to work. Oftentimes, people live far away and work in a larger city. The commute can be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. This depends on how bad the traffic is and how far a person lives from work.

Besides commuting to work, people use their vehicles for fun. They are used for road trips, but vehicles have taken on other extensive uses aimed at having fun. For instance, tailgating parties have become popular. People load up their vehicles with food, drinks, barbecues, lounge chairs and everything else for comfort and fun. With the use of a tarp, people have taken to making pools in the back of pickup trucks.

As extensively as vehicles are used by Americans and others in the western world, few know about the history of vehicles or how they’re made. For more information on how they’re made, refer to the use of overhead cranes and other manufacturing methods. Vehicles are amazing. They help people work, play and live.