We Needed Better Reading Lights

When my husband and I decided to start reading at night before we went to sleep, I decided that I wanted to do my reading from bed. He thought this would be a great idea, so we bought a lamp for our headboard base so we didn’t have to get out of bed to turn it on or off. This didn’t work out so well though because it didn’t put off enough light for either of us. I looked at other options online, and that is how I found the wall mounted LED reading lights that we ended up getting for each side of our bed.

My mistake with the first purchase was thinking that one lamp would be sufficient for both of us. That means that even if one of us was not in the mood to read, the light would still have to be on for the other person. This could really interfere with our sleep though, and the LED reading lights I found solved that problem too. I bought two of them, because we could each have one on our side of the bed.